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Did you have a great or not so great experience? The community benefits from your review!

Getting You Started!

What type of businesses can I review on Ultimate Beauty List? 

UBL has hundreds of beauty related businesses that you can review. From beauty salons, to spas to barbershops, all local and in your communities. Have a beauty business category that you don’t see on UBL? Feel free to email us all suggestions.

What should I include in my review?

Interested in writing a helpful review? The best reviews are honest and thoroughly summarizes your experience. Good reviews will offer a rich narrative and will help guide other community members. Start with some of these basics:

  • Rate and summarize your experience
  • Highlight all relevant facts
  • Your review will have the “where” but feel free to cover the “who” (did you receive the service personally or were you with a child or another loved one?) “what” (what service did you receive?) “when” (when did you receive these services?) and “why” (would you recommend this establishment to someone? Why or why not?)

Our suggestions? 

Keep your reviews honest, accurate and reflective of your personal experience. Include helpful tips (what could you share with others that will help their experience?) Provide helpful pictures and details that were unique to your experience.

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